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Shawnee County

School Enrichment

Are you a teacher looking for a hands on activity to help supplement your curriculum? Shawnee County 4-H has just the thing. We offer a school enrichment program with 11 educational programs ranging from grades 1st through 4th. The programs are dropped off at your school ready to go. Many of our programs are loaned out at no cost to the schools, while some programs require a small fee to cover the cost of materials being used. If you are interested in our programs please click on the below link to see our program brochure. If you wish to order a program fill out the order form and fax, mail, or email it to 

Kim Seeley

1740 SW Western Ave.
Topeka, KS 66604
785-232-0093 (fax)


2016/2017 School Enrichment Brochure

2016/2017 School Enrichment Order Form (pdf)

2016/2017 School Enrichment Order Form (word)

Foods and Nutrition 2016/2017 EFNEP Youth Brochure

Foods and Nutrition 2016/2017 EFNEP Youth Order Form (word) (pdf)

2016/2017 Healthy Kids Check Out Kits Brochure 



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To get to school of course!