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Shawnee County

Delicious Meals in Minutes

What's Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl Recipes


efnepCooking Classes for Families with Kids, view brochure here
Interested in cooking classes? Contact Lisa Martin by email here
Or call the local extension office at 785.232.0062 ext.119


kids a cookinSharing the fun cooking with children: Recipes, videos, cooking tips and more (website)
dinning on a dimeMonthly Newsletter (website)

eating well

(click here for overview)

Easy Recipes, Grocery Lists, Tips and Ideas: (pdf's)

Snacks,  Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4

month of menuesMonth of Menus (pdf)
my plate

Meeting Your "My Plate" Goals on a Budget


spendsmart eat smartPlan, Shop, Eat (website)
whats cookingNutrition Facts and Recipes (USDA website)
food heroQuick, Tasty, Healthy Recipes and Helpful Tips. (website)
grocery bagCommodity Food Recipes (website)
good and cheapA SNAP Cookbook (pdf)