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Shawnee County

Kitchen Tips

Using Appliances


efnepCooking Classes for Families with Kids, click here for a brochure
Interested in cooking classes? Contact Lisa Martin by email here
for more information and eligibility or call the local extension office at 785.232.0062 ext.119


kids a cookinSharing the fun cooking with children: Recipes, videos, cooking tips and more (website)

 couple looking at computer

Rapid Response Center: Answering Your Food Questions (website)
k-state you asked it  Rapid Response Newsletter (website)
 k-STATE LOGO KSRE Food, Nutrition and Health YouTube Videos (website)

Soups and Casserole Sauce Mix (pdf)

Creative Casseroles-Making a Meal from What's On Hand (pdf)


Approximate Cupboard Storage Time (pdf)

Refrigerator/Freezer Storage Times (pdf)


Healthy Ingredient Substitutions for your Recipes(pdf)

Ingredient Substitutions (pdf)

Food Yields (pdf)

 press play button UKnow How to Videos from Iowa State University (website)

Buying Guide for Kansas Grown Fresh Fruits and Vegetables