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Shawnee County

Oh, Baby! Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby Information and Resources


efnepHealthy YOU and Baby Too! view brochure here
Interested in cooking classes? Contact Lisa Martin by email here
Or call the local extension office at 785.232.0062 ext.119


Eat Smart and Move More for a Healthy Pregnancy

preg mom

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My Plate for Moms

Choose My Plate for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

My Pregnancy Plate

Benefits of Breastfeeding


English    Spanish

My Thoughts About Breastfeeding

English     Spanish

st francis logoSt. Francis Breastfeeding Clinic (website)

stormontvail          Stormont-Vail Breastfeeding Clinic (website)

La Leche League of Topeka


 Infant Feeding Skills


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What Is My Baby Trying To Tell Me Video

Getting to Know Your Baby Video

oh baby artOh Baby Resource Guide