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Shawnee County

Shawnee County Horticulture Agent Articles

By Ariel Whitely-Noll

Farmer's Market (PDF) 

Soil Testing (PDF) 

Moles (PDF) 

Avoiding Tomato Diseases (PDF)

Tomato Variety Selection (PDF) 

Growing Blueberries (PDF) 

Pawpaw Trees (PDF)

Buffalograss Lawn Calendar (PDF)

Cold Frames and Hot Beds (PDF)

Fruit Trees and Frost (PDF)  

Starting Seeds (PDF) 

Plant Friendly Ice Melt (PDF) 

Gardening Resolutions (PDF) 

Shawnee County Extension Master Gardeners Articles

Bagworms (PDF)  by Ed Dillingham

Choosing the Correct (PDF) Tree by Ed Dillingham

Community Gardening (PDF)  by Brenda Jarboe

Edible Landscaping (PDF) by Alice Brooks

Got Anthracnose -- Don't Panic (PDF) by Ed Dillingham

Growing Herbs for Home Use (PDF) by Ed Dillingham

Herbs (PDF)  by Brenda Jarboe

Landscaping for Hummingbirds (PDF)  by Ed Dillingham

Landscaping with Water Features (PDF)  by Ed Dillingham

Maintenance of the Garden Seasonably (PDF)  by Diane Green

To Mulch or Not To Mulch (PDF)  by Alice Brooks

Veggie Trials (PDF) by Dr. Charles Barden

Xeriscape Landscaping (PDF)  by Diane Green

 These articles are published weekly in the "At Home" section of the Topeka Capital Journal