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Shawnee County

4-H Event Fliers

Looking for a 4-H event out of county?  Check out the list here to see what other counties are doing.  Check back often as events will change with time.

 Beef Shows

03/30/2019~Wyandotte Co Spring Beef Show Flyer  and Registration Form

03/30/2019~Washington County Spring Dairy Show

03/30/2019~Harvey County Spring Beef Show

04/07/2019~Calf Training 101 by Dan Dvorak at Holton Livestock Exchange

04/13/2019~Central Kansas Classic at Saline County Expo Center

04/20/2019~Johnson County Spring Beef Show

04/27/2019~Cowley County Beef Show

05/04/2019~ Shawnee Co. Livestock Show

06/02/2019~Johnson County Spring Bucket Calf Show


 Dog Shows

03/30/2019~Shawnee County Invitational 4-H Dog Show

 Horse Shows


Livestock Shows

04/27/2019~Wabaunsee County Spring Livestock Day

05/04/2019~Shawnee Co. Spring (Beef, Goat, Sheep) Show

05/05/2019~ Shawnee Co. Spring (Swine) Show

05/25/2019~Jackson County Livestock Show Flyer and Guidelines


Poultry Shows

04/27/2019~Jefferson County Spring Poultry Show

Poultry & Rabbit Clinic Information Link

05/04/2019~Coffey County Spring Poultry Show Flyer

Rabbit Shows

3/30/2019~Miami County Cottontails 4-H Rabbit Show

 Rabbit & Poultry Clinic Information Link

Sheep  and Goat Show

03/30/2019~Ks. Jr. Meat Goat Producer Day, K-State

05/04/2019~Shawnee Co. Spring Livestock Show

06/01/2019~Johnson County Spring Sheep Show

06/01/2019~Johnson County Spring Goat Show


Swine Shows

05/05/2019~Shawnee Co. Spring Livestock Show

06/02/2019~Johnson County Spring Swine Show


Wildlife Events


04/14/2019~Shawnee County 4-H Photography Workshop, Auburn Community Center

04/13/2019~Midwest Invitational Meat Judging Contest