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Shawnee County

Livestock Weigh-Ins


NOTICE: this weekend's Beef Weigh In has been postponed due to weather. 

The Shawnee Couty Beef Weigh-In will be Feburay 13th from 2-3pm at Gleason's Barn, 13600 SW 33rd. Topeka, KS 66614.

Small Livestock Weigh (Bucket Calf, Goat, Sheep and Swine) will be April 24th from 1-4pm at Blythe Farm, 27561 Hackberry Rd. Maple Hill, KS 66507.

There are a few COVID Protocols that need to be followed at all Weigh-ins:

-It is recomened that all Youth and Adults will be to wear face coverings that cover nose and mouth.

-Try your best to maintain the 6 feet social distanceing with those you do not live with. 

-Once animals have been weighed and tagged, that families take animals home immediately. 


 For questions regarding these rules, please email kelley13@ksu.edu.