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Record Books and Achievement Awards


Club Purple Seal


Non-Competitive Record Books

Non-Competitive record books encourage 4-Hers to keep track of the projects they are involved in with less detail than the competitive record books.  Non-competitive record books are recognized on a county level only.


Non-Competitive Record Book Review Guidelines

Non-Competitive Personal Page

Non-Competitive Record Pages

Kansas Award Portfolio

The Kansas Award Portfolio (KAP) is a statewide competition amongst 4-Hers of all age categories. The record books are detailed and held to a higher standard than the non-competitive books. KAPs are judges first on a regional basis than on a state basis.


KAP Question and Answers

When to use the KAPs application

KAPs Evaluation Score Sheet

KAPs for 4-Her's  7 to 8 Years Old

KAPs for 4-Her's 9 to 13 Years Old

KAPs for 4-Her's 14 to 18 Years Old

Personal Page


Setting 4-H Goals


Optional Resource for Keeping Permanent Records

4-H Permanent Records


Achievement Awards

Achievement awards recognize the accomplishments earned by 4-Hers and awarded yearly during the annual Achievement Night Celebration at the end of the 4-H year.

Shawnee County Pin Award Plan

Individual Member Achievement Pin Award Record

Membership Pin

Bronze Pin

Clover Pin

Emerald Pin

Silver Pin

Silver Guard

Leadership Pin

Gold Pin

Gold Guard

Key Award

2019-2020 Alternative Key Award