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Shawnee County

Youth Scholarship

When funding is available the Master Gardener program has granted scholarships to deserving students on a competitive basis.  The number and amount of these awards varies but remains a major focus of the program.  Interested individuals should be sure to check with the Master Gardener Coordinator to obtain full details about dates, eligibility and the application process.

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Current academic year graduating Topeka/Shawnee County high school seniors.
2. Shawnee County resident.
3. Overall Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher.
4. Student shows an interest in community service.

The Shawnee County Extension Master Gardeners are pleased to announce scholarships are to be available for 2018 graduating seniors. 

The goal of the scholarship is to increase awareness of the Master Gardener program as a community service organization.



Applications for the scholarships are open to Shawnee County resident graduating seniors from any high school located in Topeka and Shawnee County. Students pursuing general education studies or non-science curriculums are encouraged to apply.



If you need further information, please contact Beth Schafer, Scholarship Committee Chair, via telephone at 785-286-2443 or e-mail tmschafer74@att.net.

If you know a Shawnee County High School Senior, please tell them about our Scholarship Program! A PDF of the scholarship application is available here.