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Shawnee County

fractionpowerFraction Power 

Fraction Power: Layered Cookie Mix

Grade: 2nd-4th       

Cost: $5.00 per kit (each kit serves 4 students)

Dates:  October, December, February,  and April

Standard:  KCCRS Math: 3.MD.3; 4.MD.2; 4.NF.3; 3.NF.1; 3.OA.8; 2.OA.1

Program Includes: All the materials to make the cookie mix, handouts, and curriculum material

The teacher provides: Volunteers to help with the assembly of the mix.

This program will be delivered to your school office and loaned out for 3 weeks. Youth will make a layered dry oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix. They will use their math skills to measure out the ingredients for the mix.