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Shawnee County

Fair Information

2022 Fair Dates 


Horse Show: July 16th & 17th 
Rest of Fair: July 21st- 24th 


YQCA Training is still required for all Shawnee County Livestock Exhibitors 4-H Age 7-18(including Meat Rabbits & Broiler Meat Chickens) and State Livestock Shows; Kansas State Fair & Kansas Junior Livestock Show(KJLS) 

In Person YQCA Training will be: 

March 19th @ 2:30pm in EMR 

April 5th @ 5:30pm in EMR 

June 8th @ 5:30pm in EMR 

If you have any question regarding YQCA Training please contact Haley (kelley13@ksu.edu) & Leroy (lrussel@ksu.edu). 


Getting your YQCA Certification