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Shawnee County

Indoor Air Quality 

Radon Webinar Series

Radon Webinar Series flyer

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. All homes should be tested.

Kansas Radon Program (website)

Kansas Radon Hotline: 1-800-693-5343

Is Radon a Real Problem (pdf)

Radon Testing Options for Homeowners (pdf)

Radon in Home Buying and Selling (pdf)

Radon Levels Can Be Reduced (pdf)

Mold Resources

Click here for the pdf guide

Mold Moisture and Your Home (website)

Controlling Mold Growth in the Home (pdf)

Identifying Mold and Moisture Sources in the Home (pdf)

Healthy Homes: Should I Test for Mold? (pdf)

Help Yourself to a Healthy Home: Protect Your Children's Health

Healthy Home

Click here to download the pdf