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Shawnee County

Joanne Domme

Joanne Domme

Office Professional for Family and Consumer Sciences, Bookkeeper, Web Page Assistant

Phone: 785-232-0062  ext. 101
Fax: 785-232-0093
E-mail: jdomme@ksu.edu

Area(s) of Specialization:  Bookkeeper, Web Page Management and Office Professional for Family and Consumer Science

Bio Brief

I provide much needed office support to Extension, and I am usually the first person you meet or talk to when you visit or call our office.  In 19 years with the Shawnee County Extension office, my work has included document creation for agriculture and horticulture, maintaining the Extension library, web page management, assisting the horticulture agent and horticulture program assistant with clerical duties, and managing publication acquisition and cost-share (soil grant) monies.  I have since moved to the position of bookkeeper and assist the family and consumer sciences agents.  I still provide web page management for the office as well as helping other areas in our office when needed.

The required flexibility to assist in all areas allows me to learn about the many programs offered through Extension.  I really enjoy sharing knowledge about Shawnee County's best-kept secret, Extension, and seeing the expression of the faces of residents when they realize that we are a free service.