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Shawnee County

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Natural Resources

Welcome to the Natural Resources page!
Answers and resources for popular local questions can be found directly below. For more information about specific topics, please look at the tabs in the left-hand menu to learn more from K-State Research and Extension!


Abigail's Favorites for Frequently Asked Questions--New Topics will be added! 

Where do I find a list of Contractors? 
  • The Shawnee County Conservation District has a list of contractors available on their website under their "Construction" tab: http://www.sccdistrict.com/ 
  • As I learn of other entities that maintain a list of contractors, I will update this page! 


Eastern Red Cedar Tree Encroachment

Concerned about cedar tree expansion on your property? Check out the following resources that cover removal methods (prescribed burning, chainsaw removal, and herbicides) and also provide additional information about how the tree spreads to help inform your management!



Abigail Gettinger

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