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Shawnee County

Gardening Practices

Earth Friendly Gardening Practices (Agent Article) 

Fall Maintenance (Agent Article)

Gardening Myths (Agent Article) 

Gardening Resolutions (Agent Article)

Good Gardening Practices

How to Clean and Sharpen Garden Tools

Kansas Mesonet (Agent Article)

Plant Friendly Ice Melt (Agent Article) 

Seeding and Planting

Saving Seeds (Agent Article)

Starting Seeds (Agent Article) 

Xeriscape Gardening

SCEMG Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Map


Ariel Whitely-Noll

Horticulture Agent
(785) 232-0062 ext. 104

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Have questions?  The Response Line is staffed by trained Extension Master Gardeners who will assist you with your tree, lawn and garden questions.

Phone: 785-232-0062
ext. 105 or 106
Response Line Hours:
Open April through September
Monday through Friday
1 p.m. to 5 p.m.