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Wheat Bread Program

4-Hers making bread kits baked bread

Wheat Science

Grade: 4                  

Cost: $3.00 per kit (each kit serves 3 students)

Standard: KCCRS Social Studies Economics and MW Region content Math: 4.MD.2

Date: Delivered in either Early January or Late January. Orders close December 13th.

Program Includes: One bread kit per 3 students, classroom bread making instructions

Teacher Provides: Water, oil, measuring utensils, volunteers, and an oven for baking bread 

This program is delivered to your school office and loaned out for 2 weeks. During that time youth will learn about Kansas wheat and wheat processing. Each youth will get to prepare their own loaf of bread to take home.


Our sponsors help keep the cost of this program affordable.

Please thank them.


Lesaffre Yeast Corporation
Attention Kelly Olson
7475 W Main Street
Milwaukee, WI 53214
Kansas Wheat Commission
Attention Cindy Falk
1990 Kimball Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66502 

Milling Science Club at K-State Milling Science and Industry (website)

Teacher Resources

Bread Making Direction for the Classroom (word)


Classroom Bread Recipe

Wheat Fact Bookmarks

6 Classes of Wheat

Whole Enriched Grains

Grain Elevator Math(estimating)

Wheat Kernal Kids

Wheat Kids Connection Magazine


Teaching Kids About Wheat


Kansas Wheat (kswheat.com)

Wheat People (kshs.org) 

The Wheat Foods Council (wheatfoods.org)

The Peterson Farm Bros.  

Youtube Video

Cooking With Kids Inc., How to Knead Dough 

The Peterson Farm Bros. 

Meet Me at the Flour Mill~Shellenberger Hall at K-State 

DVDs Available Upon Request

Wheat-From Field to Table (approx. 15 min.)

History Made Every Day--Bread (approx. 50 min.)

Books Available Upon Request

Celebrate Wheat by Dan Yunk

Wheat People, Celebrating Kansas Harvest by the Kansas State Historical Society


Please contact Haley Kelley at 785-232-0062 ext. 112 or email kelley13@ksu.edu