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Shawnee County

School Enrichment 

4-H School Enrichment Chick embryology

Are you a teacher looking for a hands-on activity to help supplement your curriculum? Shawnee County 4-H has just the thing. We offer school enrichment programs ranging from grades 1st through 4th. The programs are dropped off at your school ready to go. Some programs require a small fee to cover the cost of materials being used.  


REMINDER: We do try to reach as many students as we can with our limited number of programs. So there might be a wait list for smaller classroom numbers. 


2021-2022 School Enrichment Brochure 


2021-2020 School Enrichment Order Form (filliable PDF)




School Enrichment Staff


Haley Kelley, 4-H School Enrichment

Haley Kelley

4-H School Enrichment

785-232-0062. ext. 112