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Shawnee County

Shawnee County
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Scott Dual Language Magnet School Garden

Community Gardening

 Why Garden?

Gardening not only offers homegrown food for your table and to share, but also is a good source of moderate exercise giving you many life enhancing benefits.  Please watch our video for answers to "Why Garden?"

More than 30 Community Gardens in Shawnee County are served by Shawnee County Extension, is yours?

For more information email Brenda Jarboe, Shawnee County Community Garden Network Coordinator

Click here so you don't miss our Community Gardening Resources and Video page!
Have you registered your Community Garden?
Check out the City's Registration Website.


Hi-Crest Community Garden, south of SE 37th and Colfax (behind Southern Hills Mennonite Church)

Gardening is a beneficial activity that not only leads to the economical production and consumption of healthy and fresh food, but is a good physical activity that may help mental health, lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes and heart disease and prevent or slow osteoporosis, helping improve your overall health. 

Visit Our Partner's Community Gardening Website: Topeka Common Ground, Inc. 

If you would like to start, join or volunteer at a community garden in Shawnee County please contact Brenda Jarboe.

If you have a private or community garden and would like to donate your excess produce to a help feed food insecure in Shawnee County, please click for a map and list local food pantries

Community Gardens of Shawnee County

For information on Community Gardens please contact Brenda Jarboe, Shawnee County Extension Community Garden Network Coordinator at brendajarboe@ksu.edu or call: 785-232-0062 Ext. 113 

Click for a Google Map Locating Community Gardens in Shawnee Countycommunity garden map

There are more than 30 community gardens in Shawnee County If your community garden or a community garden you know of is not on our map, please contact Brenda Jarboe: brendajarboe@ksu.edu.  We love to hear about new gardens!