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Shawnee County

Shawnee County
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4-H Events Council Information

The Shawnee County Events Council is made up of youth and adult representatives from all Community Clubs and Project Groups. They meet every other month to decide on county wide activities that benefit and bring together 4-Hers and non-4-Hers alike.


The 2021 Events Council Dates are 2/11/2021, 4/8/2021, 6/10/2021, 8/12/2021, 10/14/2021, 12/9/2021.


2020-2019 Youth Events Council Officers

2020-2021 Events Council Club Representatives

2020-2021 Events Council Committees


Shawnee County Bylaws_ Revised 6-2020

Adult Officer Adviser Duties

Youth Officer Duties


officer leader training 2014