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Shawnee County

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Meals in Minutes 

Do your meals and snacks need a check-up?

Take the MyPlate Quiz to learn more about the food groups and how they fit into a healthier lifestyle. (Interactive website)

MyPlate Start Simple

Next, browse the Food Group Gallery to learn more about vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy and grains. (website)

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Proteins ImageDairy ImageOils Image

Get personal with your own MyPlate Plan. 

MyPlate Plan Image

Build Healthy Habits with the MyPlate App. 

(App available in the AppStore and on GooglePlay.)

Make a Plan--Menus and Shopping on a Budget (website)
Shop Simple with the MyPlate Tool (website)
Shop Simple Graphic
Prepare Healthy Meals (website)

Cooking Basics--Making a Meal from What's On Hand (website and pdf download)

Cooking for One or Two (website)

EZ Does It Recipes (website with videos)

Food Hero (website with videos)

MyPlate Kitchen (website with videos)

Spend Smart Eat Smart (website with videos)

Take time for family meals. Families who eat together have children who are healthier and happier.
Cook together, eat together, talk together. 


Headshot Lisa Martin

Lisa Martin, MPH, RD, LD

785-232-0062 ext. 119

More Resources:

Cooking For One or Two (website)

Eating Well with Diabetes 

Especially for Moms (website and videos)

Family Meal Time (website and link for pdf download)

Fix It Fresh Cookbook (large pdf)--fruit and vegetable recipes with produce buying guides

Healthy, Thrifty Holiday Menus (website)

Month of Menus--Using food from food pantries, WIC, commodities (pdf)

Recipes for Commodity Foods (website and pdf cookbooks)

Recipes for Healthy Kids (pdf cookbook)

Slow Cooker Meals (pdf)

SNAP-Ed EZ Does It Recipes (videos)

Spend Smart Eat Smart: (website) Plan, Shop and Cook: recipes, videos, and How-To Tips

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