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Accepting Applications! 

Background of Application

Over the course of 2018 and spring of 2019, a volunteer Shawnee County Farm and Food Council Taskforce has worked to identify and develop the framework of a cross-sectoral Farm and Food Council which will positively impact food system changes and challenges in Shawnee County. The purpose of this application is to recruit 13 members to serve on the inaugural Shawnee County Farm and Food Advisory Council (SCFFAC). These positions are in addition to one member to be appointed by the Shawnee County Board of Commissioners and one member to be appointed by the Mayor of the City of Topeka. All council positions are volunteer-based and unpaid.

Purpose and Objectives of the Council

The SCFFAC will bring together diverse groups of public and private stakeholders in a collaborative effort to improve access to locally grown and healthy foods and strengthen our community food system.

The SCFFAC objectives are:

  • Identify and recommend policy initiatives to support the goals of the SCFFAC;
  • Increase education and awareness of healthy and locally produced foods at home;
  • Enhance economic development and economic opportunities related to the local food system;
  • Increase consistent and equitable access to affordable, nutritionally adequate, culturally relevant, and safe food for all Shawnee County residents;
  • Investigate ways to preserve and sustain local resources including but not limited to: soil, agricultural land, important breeds/cultivars, water, skilled labor, capital, and markets;
  • Coordinate and collaborate with existing programs and resources and other county and state food policy organizations;
  • Support local producers, processors, and distributors of food products;
  • Increase utilization of healthy and locally produced foods in businesses and institutions.

Membership Requirements and Expectations

  • Live, work, or farm in Shawnee County and have expertise in relevant fields;
  • Serve for a term of three (3) years;
  • Attend meetings. A minimum of six (6) meetings will be held a year and members who are absent three meetings in a year may be removed from the council.
  • Commit to the mission and goals of the Council;
  • Contribute expertise and participate in strategic development of the Council;
  • Serve on subcommittees and/or as officers when applicable;
  • Be familiar with and speak in support of the Council and allow their name to be used in support of the Council’s mission; and
  • Be willing to work in the public interest for the benefit of the food system, rather than directly representing any organization with which they are affiliated.
Farm and Food Council Application (online form)
Farm and Food Council Application (pdf for paper copy)

Deadline for Applications: July 31, 2019

Questions or to send a paper copy:

Missty Lechner
Community Advocacy Advisor
American Heart Association
5375 SW 7th | Topeka | KS | 66606
O  785.228.3419